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How We Act     

This chapter is what it all comes down to: how we live our Code. Because it’s not only about being reactive when something’s wrong, it’s just as much about being proactive to keep things right. Scroll down and find out more on the “how to”s, such as getting guidance, making reports and managing waivers.

The ASK list: where you can go for help

The ASK list is your go-to resource when it comes to our Code. It’s a list of people and resources that you can turn to if you have questions, need some advice or want to report something. For most of us, our manager is the first one to turn to on this list. But no matter the circumstances, you can reach out to anyone on the ASK list:

1. Your manager

2. Another manager you trust

3. Your human resource partner

4. Any member of the Legal Department

5. The Integrity Line

The Integrity Line is a confidential website and telephone line, operated by an external third party vendor, that allows you to report concerns 24 hours a day. If you prefer, the Integrity Line allows you to report concerns anonymously (unless a local law prohibits anonymous reports)—however, providing your name allows us to contact you directly for further information as we investigate your concern, and may expedite the time it takes us to respond. You can reach the Integrity Line by:


1-877-WAY2PLAY (877-929-2752) in North America;

Or, to reach the service toll-free in the EU and APAC, by dialing the AT&T Direct Access Code for the country you’re calling from and then 877-WAY2PLAY (877-929-2752)



1-877-WAY2PLAY (877-929-2752) in North America;

Or, to reach the service toll-free in the EU and APAC, by dialing the AT&T Direct Access Code for the country you’re calling from and then 877-WAY2PLAY (877-929-2752)


Reports submitted through the Integrity Line are automatically directed to our Chief Compliance Officer and appropriate members of the compliance team and may be escalated as appropriate.

Unsure what to do?

If you don’t know what to do in a given business situation, let the answers to these questions guide you.

  •    Is it legal?
  •    Is it in line with our core values?
  •    Is it the right thing to do?
  •    Do I have the right intentions?
  •    Would I be proud if I told fans, friends, co-workers or anyone else about this?

Still unsure? Then reach out to someone on the ASK list.

Always speak up: ask questions and raise concerns

Speaking up and seeking answers is a key company value. So if you know or suspect something’s wrong, including a violation of our Code or policies, we encourage you to speak up right away – even when others don’t. But, of course, do so for the right reasons and in good faith.

A good faith report means a report made completely and honestly. For a report to be made in good faith, it doesn’t matter if it turns out that you were mistaken—the key thing is that you believe that the information you provide is true when you make the report.

Retaliation: we don’t tolerate it

Our company does not tolerate retaliation against you or your co-workers for asking questions, making a good faith report or taking part in investigations. If you come across, or hear about, anyone who retaliates against another employee (e.g., by discouraging, harassing or threatening), please contact your manager or someone else on the ASK list. If you feel you have faced retaliation for reporting a concern, you should contact your manager, or anyone on the ASK list. Anyone who does retaliate, or threatens to retaliate, can face consequences up to and including the termination of their employment, as well as civil and criminal penalties. If you’re a manager who has received a report, please escalate it right away to one of the resources on the ASK list. Please see the Reporting and Non-Retaliation Policy.

Find out more Reporting and Non-Retaliation Policy

How to make reports

You can make a report by using any of the resources on the ASK list. And you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible, in line with applicable laws. Please never start investigating something on your own.

Can I make reports anonymously?

Our company strives to keep individual identities confidential to the extent possible. Laws applicable in some countries may require our company to reveal some information to the person under investigation. Even if it can be scary, try to be honest about it and reach out – that’s the only way we can do the right thing. Together.

What happens after a report has been made?

The first thing that happens is that our company determines whether to start an internal investigation, following applicable laws. Once it’s done, the right disciplinary action will be taken, where appropriate, in accordance with applicable laws and internal procedures. Depending on how serious the violation is, an employee who failed to follow our Code could face disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment, as well as civil and criminal liability, under applicable laws. Any employee who directs or approves of actions that violate our Code, policies or procedures may also face similar discipline.

How to seek a waiver

If you’d like to apply for a waiver of any of the provisions of this Code, you must make full disclosure of your particular circumstances in writing to the Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Blizzard General Counsel, or King Chief Legal Officer and receive approval before you engage in any activity that would violate this Code. Waiver requests from executive officers or members of the board of directors must be reviewed by the Audit Committee of the company’s board of directors. If such a waiver is granted, the circumstances will promptly be made public as required by law and stock exchange rules.

We're a global company, but we
always strive to follow local laws.