What’s It Like Being a Pro Gamer Mom?

Behind every gamer, there’s a supportive and enthusiastic Mom. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we got a peak into this world courtesy of Anita Cervantez and her son, Kris “Spart” Cervantez of the LA Guerillas

by Eric Alt on May 06, 2022

Before he was known as Spart of Call of Duty League’s LA Guerillas, he was Kris Cervantez, a kid trying to convince his mother, Anita, that pro gaming was his future. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked Kris about his mom’s role in the growth of his career, and Anita about her journey from initial skepticism to proud (and tattooed!) gamer Mom.


What is your go-to response when people ask what Kris does, exactly? 

ANITA CERVANTEZ: He shoots people [Laughs]...in video games. 


Kris, how exactly did you sell your mom on the idea of pro gaming? 

KRIS "SPART" CERVANTEZ: I just told them that I could make a good amount of money just by sitting in my room and gaming everyday.


Anita, were you into gaming at all yourself? What was the game that hooked you? 

ANITA CERVANTEZ: OMG yes! Super Mario Bros and Mario Cart… Why? Are you up for the challenge?


Anita and Kris

When did you realize Kris would be pursuing gaming as a career? Can you share what happened and how you felt about it?

ANITA CERVANTEZ: When Kris was almost 2 he played Halo and we knew he would do something with gaming. His hand/eye coordination was amazing, even at 2 years old! So when he told us at 18 he was going to go Pro, at first I was like..."Ummm, no. College first, then gaming." He said, "Trust me, give me 6 months." And lord have mercy, in 6 months he did it! I’m so happy and blessed he’s doing what he loves!


From your perspective, what are some common misconceptions about professional gamers?

ANITA CERVANTEZ: That they are cocky and antisocial.


What surprised you the most about the world of Esports?

ANITA CERVANTEZ: The family! Never thought everyone was so willing to open their hearts.


What advice do you have for parents who might be concerned about their kids' gaming time? 

ANITA CERVANTEZ: Be patient, learn the game, and enjoy the ride! It’s well worth it.

Anita, proudly rocking her LA Guerilla merch

Kris, what is your training/preparation routine like? What role does your Mom play in it? 

KRIS "SPART" CERVANTEZ: I honestly just play the game as much as I can. That’s what my preparation is, just a lot of game time. When I used to live at home, my mom would always bring me food upstairs and also make sure to tell my sisters to get off the WiFi if I started lagging. [Laughs]


Do you have a family tradition you look forward to on ‘Mother’s Day’?

ANITA CERVANTEZ: We usually have a family dinner and the kids treat me to flowers - and Kris always gets me a James Avery charm.

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