ABK Employees Give Back

New employee donation matching program helps support communities across the globe.

Jan 24, 2022

Last December, Activision Blizzard launched a new employee donation matching program called ABK Gives Back, to help make an impact on the communities in which we live and work. The program, which includes an initial grant of $100 from the company for our employees to donate, matches employee gifts of up to $1,000 USD (or local equivalent) to nearly 2 million non-profit organizations around the world. Since the launch of ABK Gives Back, we have donated to over 2,500 nonprofit organizations.

Our employees take great pride in contributing to the betterment of their local communities, and the ABK Gives Back initiative helps make real our service-oriented values. Here are just a few stories shared by our employees about the organizations with which they are involved and why they have chosen to support them through this giving initiative.


Chris Kalaytowicz | St. Jude Children's Hospital


Photo of Chris Kalaytowicz

"As a cancer survivor, St. Jude Children's Hospital holds a super special place in my heart. Though I was not treated at their hospital, I have been participating in multiple St. Jude fundraising events and want to give back in any way I can. Fundraising for St Jude goes directly towards helping its patients and their families. As someone who spent a lot of time in the hospital during chemo treatments, having that extra support really does help. As someone who can relate to those patients and their families I want to give back."


Brian Gardner | Canine Rehabilitation Center and Cat Sanctuary


Photo of Brian Gardner

"Canine Rehabilitation Center and Cat Sanctuary (CRCCS) is a great local organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats, many of which cannot be helped in normal animal shelters. We rescued our last dog from CRCCS and she's been a wonderful companion.

I volunteered with CRCCS in the past and was impressed with their mission and their dedication. They're a small organization and I want to give them as much financial help as possible. CRCCS is my designated Amazon Smile charity and now I will be starting a recurring donation to them through ABK Gives Back. I want to say thank you to ABK and everyone involved in creating the Gives Back program. It's a great way help our communities!"


Kim Hein | Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation (formerly known as Sara's Cure)


Photo of Kim Hein and her daughter

"My daughter was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma in November 2020 at the age of 13. Needless to say, the shock and utter despair was overwhelming. The doctors and oncologists were so unfamiliar with it, and many had never even heard of this rare form of cancer. Sarcoma is about 1% of all cancers, and CCS is about 1% of sarcomas. Thus, finding information and direction is and continues to be difficult and stressful. Shortly after scouring the internet {never a good thing to do with medical issues}, I found Sara's Cure. Immediately I was welcomed into the group with kindness and understanding. My plea for help was met with compassion and guidance and continues to be as we go through her treatment. The team of medical doctors and researchers are the most knowledgeable in the world about this disease, and the founders, Lennie and Denny are a breath of fresh air within a stifling diagnosis.

When my daughter's oncologist (who was totally unfamiliar with CCS) was going to do surgery to remove her tumor, something just didn't sound right about it. In discussions with the Sara's Cure team, they connected me to an oncology surgeon, who is studying CCS. He helped tremendously in creating a better treatment plan for her and even talked with her oncologist directly to effect the changes that needed to happen. It's things like this, and the direct and communicative way that they personalize such a harsh disease that makes Sara's Cure such a huge benefit for us. I am so grateful that they seek and partner with entities that can truly make a difference doing the research and testing needed.

Sara's Cure doesn't just stop at helping the patients deal with the emotional side of things, they are leading the way in research and development and bringing attention to CCS. They led me to a rare disease institute that took my daughter's tumor biopsy so they could duplicate and study it, with hopes of finding solutions that will help fight this for others in the future.

This disease may be rare, but I know that with an organization such as Sara's Cure, hope is being brought to the patients and families that are suffering. With that hope comes the strength to fight and the knowledge that we won't stop until we find a cure. And for a mom with a girl who has an adventurous life yet to live, that brings unimaginable joy."

Join us in thanking these individuals for inspiring us to champion such important causes.

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