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Protecting Our Fans
and Customers

Every day, millions of people welcome our products into their lives. Whether it’s games, esports or film and TV, what we do influences and enriches people’s lives. And with great entertainment comes great responsibility.

Fair sales and marketing: be honest

We make every effort to make sure that what we advertise about our own products – or say about our competitors’ – is clear and true.


Many people put their trust in our hands when they give us their personal information. And we honor this trust by making sure that we follow our policies and applicable laws for handling this information. If you’re ever unsure about this, contact our friends in the Legal Department.

Product quality and safety: live up to our standards

We take great pride in the quality of our entertainment products, and that follows through to the manufacturing and distribution of these products. Our goal is to maintain a supply chain that lives up to our company’s standards for quality and safety. Needless to say, this includes following applicable laws and regulations.

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