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Our Code: It Matters

No matter where you are in the world right now, which team in the Activision Blizzard universe you belong to, or what job title you have, we all share the same ethical foundation – our Code of Conduct. It’s here to help us live by our values and do business the right way for all our stakeholders – gamers, fans, customers, business partners, fellow employees, shareholders and everyone else who is a part of what we do.

Living our values

Our values guide us in everything we do. There are many unique cultures within Activision Blizzard, each with its own set of important values that we all know and live by every day. But remember that we also all share three overarching values:

– See it, do it, own it

We believe in taking the lead, jumping in, lending a hand, owning the problem and the solution.

– Find the best way

Constantly ask “is there a better way?” But understand that creativity doesn’t mean change for the sake of change.

– Do the right thing

Don’t sacrifice the “right thing” for the “fast thing” or the “easy thing.”

We all play by the same rules

It doesn’t matter if you are a studio head or an art intern on your first day – the rules described in this Code apply to all employees. We all work together, and we’re all expected to follow our Code – doing the right thing and even admitting when we’re wrong.

Take responsibility

In the end, it all comes down to the choices we make. We all share the same commitment: to take personal responsibility to know our Code and policies, and make sure we live by them. This means everything from asking that one extra question to reporting a concern.

Find out more For information about how to report a concern, see the “How We Act” section.

Managers: be a role model

We’re all expected to be role models in living our Code, standing up for what’s right and acting proactively to stay on the right track. If you are a manager, it’s also an important part of your job to:

Make our Code a priority. Emphasize its importance and make sure your team gets the training they need to get to know our Code and policies.

Be accessible. Let your team know that they can come to you whenever they have questions, concerns, or something to report.

Just ask! Even though you are one of the go-to people for questions about the Code, you’re not expected to have all the answers. Just turn to the ASK list (you’ll find it under the main menu or under the ASK list button in bottom right corner) whenever you’re unsure about something.

Escalate. An important part of your job is how you handle questions and concerns that are brought to you. If a report or question raises any concern at all, you should escalate it right away.

And of course, walk the talk! It’s crucial that you lead by example in living our Code.

The law: don’t mess with it

Our company, and we as employees, must comply with all of the laws, rules and regulations that apply to our business wherever we do business – in every city, state and country. And no, you don’t need to know the details of every law related to your area of responsibility by heart. But yes, you do need to know enough to do your job with integrity and to recognize when it’s time to get in touch with one of our friends in the Legal Department. If you’re ever unsure whether or not to act or what action to take – or whether or not that action is legal and respectful in any location – it’s always better to just ask!

How to use the Code of Conduct

This Code is divided into six chapters which you complete by pressing the "I’m done with this chapter" button once you’ve read the chapter.

In the main menu in the upper right corner, you’ll find:

  • The Table of Contents – shows you all of the chapters and subchapters, for when you want to go back and review any topic
  • The Policy Library – links to all the policies in this Code
  • The ASK list – the go-to list of people and functions to turn to when you have questions
  • Our Code: It Matters– in case you’d like to take a look at our key principles again

Always accessible in the bottom right corner will be a quick link to the ASK list, always at hand if you need it.